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Youth Ministry and YOU!


A Message for Middle and High School Students

You're probably busy. School, homework, maybe a job, sports, clubs, music, and then somewhere in there you want to find time to hang out with your family and friends.

Adding "another thing" doesn't seem possibleā€¦but guess what, God isn't trying to take away from your priorities; He wants to be PART of all of them. At Edge and Life Teen we try to teach you and help you experience God's great love for you.

Covid really changed the way we did things. We used to meet in big groups and then break up into small groups. We also used to have a Life Teen Mass and sometimes food. This year is going to look different; we are going to meet in small groups every Wednesday (Edge) and every Sunday (Life Teen). I have a feeling you may even like that better!

There will be other opportunities for you to be involved: service projects, social nights, a Teen Take Over Mass (just wait until you hear about this), and maybe even a mission trip the summer of 2022!

But, Sarah, WHY? Why should I be part of Edge and Life Teen?

Good Question!

1. YOu Have a Purpose

Just like a blender or dishwasher, things are intelligently created and designed with a purpose. That includes human beings. Our purpose is infinitely more dignified (and complicated) than a blender for smoothies, but we still have a purpose. Our current culture tends to tell us we can do whatever we want and it doesn't make a difference, but that's like using a blender to vacuum the carpet. At Life Teen and Edge, we dive deep into how we can become who we are.

2. God Exists

The good news about all this blender stuff is our designer isn't KitchenAid or Ninja, it's God, and He's very real.

3. He created you, Specifically, for a Great Purpose

We were created with a purpose, yes, but it's much more than getting enough food, sleep and exercise. Deep down, all of us want to make our lives a masterpiece. We all are main characters in our own biographies, and the tales are just beginning.

Life Teen and Edge is your opportunity to...

build incredible friendships, play sports, experience the life-changing gourmet cuisine of pizza, ask the hard questions, and grow in your faith. This world needs saints. This world needs you. It starts here. If you think this all sounds lame, ask someone who's an active member and then give it a try. See you soon.


For more information about Life Teen and Edge programs, please contact Sarah Gavin at or 920-743-4716.



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